Quieter eCommerce

Aiming for a generous shopping experience, several Japanese principles of aesthetics were applied to the design process of a generic theme for the eCommerce platform Shopify:

Kanso: Simplicity or elimination of clutter. Shibui: Beautiful by being understated. Shizen: Absence of artificiality. Datsuzoku: transcending the conventional. Seijaku: an energized calm, stillness.

eCommerce Design:

User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI)

A Spacious Welcome

Rather than greeting visitors with information, the design prioritizes few images and gives titles and details plenty of space

Theme Variations

To serve a variety of potential content and style needs, the theme ships with several presets, each emphasizing a different feel and approach

Store Navigation

Theme settings offer unique options for filtering by category, brand or other custom filters

Visual category navigation

The Product Page

Text and details visually hang from large images, enabling the page to feel simultaneously textured, informative and serene