Phillips Pictures

Independent Film Studio

With a limited range of finished work, the young studio's site conveys a strong sense of vision and sparks interest around existing projects.

Through unique layouts, powerful imagery and careful design details, the experience of the site creates a mood of expectation and serious creative work.

Web Design & Development:

User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Front-end development

Setting the Tone

The homepage creates a mood and invites investigation as much as it directly informs

Exploring the Story

Project extras like team highlights, behind-the-scenes information and media downloads offer site visitors a deeper connection with the work

Project Minisite

An upcoming feature-length project gets its own minisite with unique but related page layout and design features, opening with an online lookbook

On-site Crowdfunding

In order to retain creative control and raise the most funds for the upcoming project, the studio is crowdfunding on its own site, offering high-dollar donors the opportunity to invest directly

The mobile experience gives donors quick access to the pledging process...

While the campaign presentation is only a tab away

Keeping Pledges Simple

Because of the relational nature of the initial round of fundraising, the pledging process is oriented around personal followup, allowing the browser-based experience to be single-stepped

Logo Design

The studio's wordmark grew from historical film references to include technical and even narrative suggestions. See more in Logos.