Online Classified, Reimagined

Envisioned as a direct challenger to Craigslist, the 2012 startup aimed to create a classifieds interface that was not only attractive but actually enjoyable to use.

Working with an agency and their back-end developers, we imagined a number of new interface approaches crafted around the experiences of searching, discovering and reviewing listings as well as giving sellers better tools. Unfortunately, the project lost funding before going live.

Strategy, Web Design & Development

User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Front-end development

The right information in the right place

Using a card model (before Material Design), listing headers make critical information available for ready access and quick comparison, all of which can be fine-tuned by search filters

Filtering through Navigation

For Real Estate, Motors and For Sale items, category results can be shown or hidden for each listing and specific listing types can be excluded from the results altogether

General filter classes can be hidden or displayed in the results while particular listing types can be excluded

Shoppers can also keep results generalized


The packaging of information in the listing header makes for easier visual processing and allows images to be larger and more prominent

Listing details are available at a glance

Hover or initial tap reveals an introduction

Bullet points are made easy for sellers. Comments are built-in to encourage a sense of community and to address common questions publicly

Sellers can add highlights to images


Utilizing principles from game theory, wishlists not only help shoppers find what they're looking for, they also provide a nicer experience leading up to the purchase

The site keeps track of new listings that match filter parameters

While Wishlists underly a relational approach to the search process, the functionality is kept subtle until needed

Logo Design

The logomark embodies key principles for the startup such as connection and targeting. See more in Logos.