Accessing Comfort

An unusual project for the studio, the GelPro redesign involved only strategy and UX design to serve as a guide for the company's in-house web team. In that scope, the primary deliverables were wireframes.

Primary design concerns were the clarification and navigation of many floor mat models along with the balance of technical facts and emotional warmth.

Strategy, Web Design & eCommerce Design:

User Experience (UX), Initial User Interface (UI)

Emphasizing Comfort

Although GelPro is largely an engineering company, a context of family and celebration gives the industry-leading floor mats a strong connection in the home

Beyond wireframes: to provide clearer direction to GelPro's in-house team we often pushed the deliverables to include images, typography suggestions and other details

Integrated surveys gather invaluable insight and increase a visitor's sense of belonging

Navigating a family of similar products

With variations across customers' physiological, environmental, aesthetic and budget requirements, the design simplifies the discovery and selection flow

Jumping in: the Find Your Mat dropdown

The search preview informs shoppers and helps avoid a dead-end

The header cart preview balances a variety of information, including product thumbnails

The site footer for desktop

The mobile footer

The Pain Level / Confidence matrix we developed was used as a guide throughout the planning process

Find Your Mat

The primary single tool for directing customers toward selecting a mat that meets all their criteria

The Shop Landing Page

The main Shop page provides another approach to comparing mat benefits

Condensed information for each mat enables side-by-side comparison

Revealing details on hover (or initial tap)

The full color range

The Product Page

After arriving on a particular mat's product page, the need to make more decisions is reframed as a design opportunity

A customizable floor background allows customers to approximate their home's look while selecting finish details to match

The potentially complex details are turned into a customization experience