Designer as Participant

The Field Set is the design practice of Ephrem Hernandez and collaborators.

With twenty years of experience we recognize the opportunity and responsibility of the designer in an age defined by design decisions. *Design makes up the World.Design can save the World.

The Quick Story

Armed with a degree from architecture school and another year dedicated to photography and printmaking, Ephrem (finally) discovered interactive design in 2001.

In the years since, he’s worked in-house for an exploding startup and served as strategist and creative lead on two other startup teams, including an influential stint south of the Border. Throughout, he’s maintained his design practice for clients around the country.

Today, Ephrem works in the north woods of Idaho where the quiet and beauty influence his approach and visuals. Outside partners fill specialized roles as needed including programmers, photographers, SEO experts and more.

Foundations for UX design: architectural planning and design

From daily life in Mexico