Lifted LED

Growing Better through Mobile

LED lighting technology has advanced tremendously in recent years, changing how indoor growers manage plant growth as well as flowering and fruiting cycles.

Lifted LED is pushing the technology further by providing growers wireless control over potency and light combinations using their mobile device.

App Design:

User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI)

Mobile Grow Room Management

Following real world grow room practices, fixtures can be grouped and controlled as a single unit

The app's dashboard gives growers an at-a-glance view of all the fixtures and their assigned settings including spectrum and timer

Predefined spectra offer ideal light combinations for different growing needs although growers can also create custom spectral recipes

Available schedules can be selected quickly or fixtures can be controlled manually

Settings: Scheduling Timers

Custom spectra and timers are defined universally in order to make valuable (and sometimes, hard-won) settings available to all fixtures

All the timers at-a-glance

Editing a timer


Spectrum settings highlight the grow lights' most advanced feature: fully customized light recipes

In the Settings, each custom spectrum can be dialed in

Throughout the app, controls are placed low in the screen for easier thumb control