Art Austin

Keep Austin Informed

Managed by area galleries and museums, the information-rich site aims to be the city's exhaustive arts directory.

While the arts group initially planned to update each page individually, we delivered a site that largely manages page content itself based on the settings of each listing.

Web Development

Design Consultation, Front-end development, Code (PHP), Customized CMS Admin

What's Current

Exhibitions and Events are grouped by what's happening now and what's coming soon

The customized CMS allows site administrators to easily add event and exhibition listings

Gallery and Museum Guide

The city's art venues are mapped and explored as well as cross-referenced with event and exhibition listings

Future Archives

Custom programming creates archives of future listings, helpful for those making plans to visit Texas' capital city

Upcoming exhibitions include opening reception details

Custom Admin Templates

Site administrators must make weekly updates so the interface was built to be as direct as possible

Site Admins are led through the process of creating Exhibition and Event listings